#WeWillWin in #2017 With World-Class Strategies, Leadership, Business and Management Skills

Power Programmes for Personal Success, Business Development & Global Growth Accessible, Affordable, Agile, Flexible, Personal, International and SA Recognition Full-time, Part-time, Flexi-study Supported Distance and In-house  Advanced and Postgraduate Level 6-7 Strategies for Growth and Business Development Strategic Management and Business Planning Global Business Case Studies Leadership, Change and Performance Financial Management and Corporate Finance Corporate […]

Let’s Make Africa Great! If President Barack Obama and Donald Trump Can Do It – Yes We Can Too!

So let’s Make our Leadership Great Make our Government Great Make our Businesses Great Make our Economy Great Make our Infrastructure Great Make our Country and Continent Great   And… Grow Great Businesses Create Great Jobs Grow Great Youth Become a Great Global Player Develop Great Knowledge and Skills Practice Great Clean Governance   With […]

Let’s now help Pravin #Gordhan drive Growth, Investment, Jobs and a Positive Rating after #NPA #Seanabrahams drops the trumped up charges

SA has done it – got NPA’s #seanabrahams to drop charges against Pravin #Gordhan SA can do it again – Pumping for Growth, Investment, Jobs and a Positive Rating Beyond the dismal forecasts of 0.5% in the #MTBPS towards the #NDP target of 5%+ With a National Growth Programme for All Sectors of Businesses and Government For […]

Great #Growth Strategies to Power Your Business and an Inclusive Prosperous Economy

Time to Get Real Growth Going again, which is crucial to maintaining our Investment rating and avoiding junk status. Yet Growth forecasts are still languishing barely above 0% despite a number of Government and Business initiatives. So how do we Get Growth Going again amidst the gloom? The Secret lies in the Great Strategies which are […]