“So excited to have found out about London School of Business SA! Even more humbled to have met the founder Eric. Can’t wait to be part of this revolution!” @LulamaXalipi Haute Lulu!

Lulama Xalipi, Fashion Designer and Business Management Student walked into London School CEO Eric Stillerman’s office the other day and boldly started an inspirational conversation. Together they shared her Vision of completing her Masters in Fashion Business Management overseas, starting her own Fashion House Business called Haute Lulu! and setting up a Bursary Programme for […]

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Make Every Day a #MandelaDay “We can change the world and make it a better place. It is in your hands to make a difference” Nelson Mandela

How can We make a Meaningful Difference to Make the World a Better Place? Simple ideas to Incorporate in our lives on MandelaDay and EveryDay Let’s Live the Principles Mandela lived for and was prepared to die for, like Democracy, Development, Education, Equality, Freedom, Honesty, Justice, Leadership, Opportunity,  Service, Sacrifice and the Courage to Struggle […]