A Giant @LondonSchool !

The Giant Christian Kashala 6’11” @LondonSchool Masters in Economics and Basketball Player from Gabon and DRC to study Strategy and Finance with Eric Stillerman, in order to build a Slamdunk Mining and Logistics Group in Central Africa! In the pic Chikondi Chimpini BSc Graduate from Malawi doing Management, with Tendy and baby friend for fun […]

Let’s Get #Growth Going Beyond Expectations of #SONA2017 and #Budget2017

The Missing Link in #SONA2017 and #Budget2017  is the Lack of Growth Strategies – To Get Growth Beyond the Expected 1% towards the Target of 5% + Needed to Create Employment and realise our National Development Goals The National Growth Programme (Natgrowth) aims to Drive Growth With Government, Business, Labour and All Stakeholders Working Together […]