Your Pathway to a Psychology Career and an MBA / Masters Degree

Postgraduate MBA Level 7-8 in Psychology develops your knowledge and skills to advance to a thriving Psychology career and a World-Ranked MBA / Masters degree, recognized internationally and by SAQA. See Graduation

The Course covers psychological functions, including perception, executive functions, language and attention, revealing their pivotal role in the fascinating realm of psychology. Gain not only theoretical knowledge but also practical skills essential for a successful career in the field.

The Course provides a multifaceted journey into the human mind and behaviour, making it a compelling choice for those seeking profound personal and professional growth.

Studying Psychology not only unveils the mysteries of cognitive processes, emotions, and social dynamics but also equips you with invaluable analytical and critical-thinking skills.

The Course counts 120 credits towards a World-Ranked MBA or Masters, completed by Top-up Dissertation for the final 60 credits in +/- 6 months.

Entry Criteria are Level 6 or equivalent or Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL). Duration is 12-18 months depending on progress.

The Course Fees are Affordable and include student membership of the international UK Institute of Directors (IOD), a passport to global leadership and business opportunities.


The Course is made up of 6 interactive Modules and 6 written assignments, with approximately 40 guided learning hours per module.

All Modules have user-friendly learning materials, 24/7 tutoring, exercises, recommended readings, internet resources and other support.

A Certificate is issued for each Module with a Postgraduate MBA Level Diploma on completion of the course. Note: professional requirements to practice as a psychologist vary in different countries.

Exploring Psychology

The objective of this module is to advance and explore a psychology dedicated to addressing contemporary social challenges. It also seeks to offer a critical examination of mainstream psychology, allowing psychologists the opportunity to engage in critical and creative thinking on how to effectively serve diverse individuals and communities.

Cognitive and Biological Psychology

The module aims to investigate the real-world implications of cognitive and biological processes in human performance and to acquire knowledge of both traditional and emerging areas of applied cognitive psychology. The module also encompasses the brain-behaviour relationship and neuropsychological connections to various psychological disorders.

Qualitative Research Methodology

The objective of this module is to familiarize learners with the qualitative research paradigm in psychology, various qualitative research methods, and to instill an understanding of the purposes and applications of qualitative methods in research.

Social and Cultural Psychology and the Psychology of Human Development

The aim of this module is to understand social and cultural influences on the development of humans and to assess key developmental changes. The module also addresses psycho-social aspects of group dynamics, organisational behaviour and leadership.

Psychoanalysis and Mental Health

This module is designed to explore mental health, psychotherapy, its processes and counselling interventions, and to gain awareness of when to initiate and conclude a therapeutic procedure, subject to professional requirements in different countries.

Rehabilitation Psychology

This module aims to equip learners with an insight into rehabilitation psychology, encompassing psychological assessment for individuals with disabilities, psychological interventions, interactions with families, non-governmental organisations (NGOs), and the broader community.