Information Technology (IT) and Computers Diploma Level 4 and 5 give you the core knowledge and skills for employment and success in the broad areas of Information Technology, Computer Programming, Software Development, Systems Analysis and Design, Website Design, E-Commerce, Networking, Cyber Security and Project Management.

Diploma Level 4 and 5 are equivalent to 1st and 2nd year university, recognized internationally and by SAQA, leading to final year of a Bachelors Degree.

The Modules include user-friendly learning material, 24/7 tutoring, webinars, videos, exercises, readings and other support, with a Certificate for each Module and Diplomas for Level 4 and 5.

Entry Criteria

Level 4 – School leaver, 18 years old
Level 5 – Level 4 or equivalent

Level 4 Modules:

Introduction to Computing

Explore the functions of Computing systems and the basics of computer design, configuration and routine maintenance.

Introduction to Programming

Understand and apply the basics of Programming and how it fits into the broader aspects of computer usage and applications.

Introduction to Databases

Understand and apply Database design and development, design a database and explore solutions to meet client requirements.

Requirements Engineering

Explore the analysis of IT and Computing Requirements Engineering to develop requirement specifications and develop and test prototypes.

Systems Analysis and Design

Understand and apply Systems Analysis and Design concepts and how they relate to business needs, processes and transformation of information.

E- Commerce Applications

Explore the role of E-Commerce Applications in business, definition of requirements, the applications and design issues arising .

Human Computer Interaction

Understand and apply principles and models of Human Computer Interaction, and plan your own prototype multimedia user interface.

IT and Society

Explore the impact of IT on Society, trends and changes, management issues and potential conflicts in re security and data management.

Information Systems Project Management

Explore Information Systems Project Management elements key to successful development and implementation of IT projects.

Management Information Systems

Understand Management Information Systems and how they support business needs in terms of information and data processing.

Level 5 Modules:

Innovative Technologies in Computing

Explore Innovative Technologies in Computing, trends, disruptive advances and new generation skills and knowledge required to succeed.

Computing Research Methods

Explore Computing Research Methods, knowledge and skills, qualitative and quantitative approaches, use of literature and proposals.

Software Development Methodologies

Understand Software Development Methodologies, systems engineering, models of data and software processes using modelling approaches.

Computing Project Planning

Explore Computing Project Planning in todays world with sophisticated IT software, and how being a project manager in differs from the past.

Strategic Management Information Systems

Understand Strategic Management Information Systems in organisations and how it impacts on  broader objectives and business strategy.

Ethical, Legal and Professional issues in IT

Explore Ethical, Legal and Professional issues in IT and how these may impact on areas of security, confidentiality, privacy and the law.

Network Design and Management

Explore Network Design and Management principles of networks, design, implementation and support of network systems.

Web Based Development

Explore Web Based Development design, deployment and management of virtualisation, and  commercial and potential impact.

Cyber Security

Understand of the importance of Cyber Security to business, industry standards of digital security and recommend improvements in security.

Advanced Databases

Understanding Advanced Databases design and development, advanced languages to analyse and query database data. Research database management and critically test and evaluate databases.