Project Description

Marketing and Sales Diploma to Postgraduate MBA Level

Marketing and Sales Diploma Level 4 and 5 give you the core knowledge and skills for employment and success in all areas of Marketing and Sales.

Diploma Level 4 and 5 are equivalent to 1st and 2nd year university, recognized internationally and by SAQA, leading to final year of a Bachelors Degree.

Professional Sales Management Graduate Level 6-7 aims to develop Sales Management knowledge and skills with a Professional qualification at Degree Level.

Strategic Sales Management Postgraduate Level 7-8 aims to enhance the skills and performance of Sales Managers towards Top Management and an MBA Degree.

The Modules include learning material, 24/7 tutoring, webinars, videos, exercises, readings and other support, and a Certificate for each Module.

Entry Criteria

Level 4 – School leaver, 18 years old

Level 5 – Level 4 or equivalent

Level 6 – Level 5 or equivalent experience

Level 7 – Level 6 or equivalent experience

Level 4 Modules

Use The Marketing Mix to build a business, including product, packaging, pricing, promotion, advertising, branding and social media

Ensuring that Customers and their Needs are understood, recognised and valued, including customer relationship management.

Explore Customers and Service as the focus of business, including meeting customer needs and ensuring satisfaction and retention.

Develop knowledge of Managing and Using Marketing in business, including the marketing mix, planning, internal and external marketing.

Explore how The Business Environment affects marketing, including economic, social, international and competitive factors.

Creating effective Marketing Strategy and successful market presence. Developing effective marketing strategies and campaigns.

Explore Marketing and Sales Planning to achieve profitability and success in all sectors, including market research, segmentation and strategy.

Understanding and using effective E-Marketing Communication including social media and email marketing.

Analyse and capitalise on the rapidly changing role of IT in Business, including e-business, e-marketing and other technologies.

Learn how to achieve High Performance Sales including sales growth from existing customers and  from new markets.


Level 5 Modules

Become an Entrepreneurial Manager – develop the skills and qualities of entrepreneurship in small and large businesses.

Explore Organisation Structures, how they function and affect motivation, performance and growth in different organisations

Do Practical Accounting Analysis exercise and understand what they are tell us about assessing and improving performance

Explore Business Planning and Goal Setting to achieve and monitor success in both new start-ups and existing businesses

Learn how Politics and Business impact each-other and the economy, including growth, employment, trade and finance.

Understand Business Law essentials including laws of contract, employment, companies, directors and international trade

Explore Managing in Today’s World including technology, change, governance, equity, diversity and environment issues

Understand Performance Management including motivation, rewards, training and development to ensure high performance

Learn Marketing and Sales essentials including markets, customers, competition, advertising, branding and social media.

Learn Quantitative Skills including practical exercises and how they are used within the context of business and decision-making.


Professional Sales Management Graduate Level 6-7

Professional Sales Management Graduate Level 6 seeks to develop your knowledge and skills in sales management, whilst providing you a professional qualification to match your career aspirations. You will

  • Gain knowledge and understanding of selling as an activity; the traditional image of salespeople; the variety of sales roles and people.
  • Explore and compare the sales profession to other professions and to determine what can be learned from this to improve sales success.
  • Explore the effectiveness of a structured approach to selling and construct a strategic and tactical sales process.
  • Acquire and demonstrate how effective communication works within a sales context.

The Level 6 assignments are:

  • Selling as a profession
  • Planning and preparation for sales
  • Sales process implementation


Strategic Sales Management Postgraduate Level 7-8

Strategic Sales Management Postgraduate level 7 -8 enables you to construct and implement a sales management, business development and customer service plan to improve sales, customer retention and lifetime value.

On successful completion of the course, you will take away the most essential industry-specific sales skills and knowledge. You will:

  • Develop personal awareness in sales and sales management roles
  • Learn to Focus on customers to enhance customer relationships
  • Explore and apply tools to improve sales techniques and performance
  • Explore and apply tools to improve sales techniques and performance
  • Learn and apply a range of communication styles to enhance customer relations
  • Successfully prepare for and execute effective sales presentations
  • Acquire knowledge and skills to enhance sales negotiation and results
  • Develop skills to move from sales to sales management and coaching

The Level 7 Assignments are as follows:

  • Personal awareness in sales
  • Focus on customers
  • From sales to sales management and coaching

Business Management Postgraduate MBA Level 7-8 Modules and Assignments are included with Strategic Sales Management