Project Description

Get to the Top in Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management Diploma Level 4 and 5 give you the core knowledge and skills for employment and success in HR and Business Management.

Diploma Level 4 and 5 are equivalent to 1st and 2nd year university, recognized internationally and by SAQA, leading to final year of a Bachelors Degree.

The Duration of each Level 4 and 5 is +/- 12 months, total +/- 24 months, depending on your progress and time available.

Postgraduate Human Resource Management Level 7-8 is designed for advancement to Top Management and the final stage of a Masters or MBA Degree.

The Duration of the Postgraduate Masters Level 7-8 is +/- 12 – 18 months, depending on your progress and time available.

The Modules include learning material, 24/7 tutoring, personal support, webinars, videos and other resources, with a Certificate for each Module and a final Diploma.

Entry Criteria

Level 4 – School leaver, 18 years old

Level 5 – Level 4 or equivalent

Level 7 – Level 6 or equivalent experience

Level 4 Modules

Managing People in Organisations including motivation, reward, structure, culture, teamwork, learning and development.

Culture and the Organisation What is culture and how does it affect organisations? Can culture be changed or improved?

Developing Personal Skills vital to success in business, including communication, leadership and decision making.

Managing and Rewarding Performance to effectively improve workplace performance, satisfaction reward and retention.

Managing Ethically – various approaches and issues in managing ethically and how they apply in different organizations.

Motivating and Influencing People Learn the best methods and skills for motivating and influencing people in organisations.

Organisation Structures – explore how they function and affect motivation, performance and growth in organisations

Recruitment and CPD – attracting and selecting candidates, employment contracts, and continuing personal development.

Strategic Human Resource Management – managing people as the most valuable asset and strategic resource of a business.

Working in Teams – core principles and skills of effective teamwork, both in terms of individual team members and team leaders.


Level 5 Modules

The Entrepreneurial Manager – develop the skills and qualities of entrepreneurship in small and large businesses.

Organisation Structures – how they function and affect motivation, performance and growth in different organisations

Practical Accounting Analysis – practical exercises in using accounting analysis to assessing and improve performance

Business Planning and Goal Setting to achieve and monitor success in both new start-ups and existing businesses

Politics and Business – how they impact each-other and the economy, including growth, employment, trade and finance.

Business Law essentials including laws of business, contract, employment, companies, directors and international trade

Managing in Today’s World including rapid change, technology, governance, equity, diversity and environment issues

Performance Management principles including motivation, rewards, training and development to ensure high performance

Marketing and Sales essentials including markets, customers, competition, advertising, branding and social media.

Quantitative Skills – practical exercises and applications within the context of business and decision-making.


Postgraduate Human Resource Management Masters Level 7

The Postgraduate MBA Level 7 Modules and Assignments make up 120 credits towards a Masters or MBA Degree, which may be completed by Top-up Dissertation for the final 60 credits in 6 months.

Entry Criteria for Level 7 – Level 6 or equivalent experience with Recognition of Prior Experience (RPL)

The Duration of Postgraduate Masters Level 7 is +/- 12 – 18 months, depending on your progress and time available.

The Modules below are designed for advancement to Top Management with in-depth study of the latest international trends and practices in HRM, integrated with leadership and general management.

Contemporary Human Resource Management 

Leading, Managing and HR Development

Resourcing, Talent Management and Development

Performance Management and Reward

Employee Relations Management

Investigating a Business Issue from an HR Perspective