Your Pathway to the Top

Business Administration Graduate Degree Level 6-7 develops your knowledge and skills for Senior Management or running your own business.

Graduate Level 6-7 is equivalent to a university Degree, leading to Postgraduate Level 7-8 and an MBA, recognized internationally and by SAQA.

The Course comprises user-friendly learning modules, 24/7 tutoring, videos, assignments and personal support, with a Certificate for each Module and an overall Diploma.

The Duration is +/- 12 months depending on progress and includes student membership of the UK Institute of Directors (IOD), with global business and leadership opportunities.

Level 6-7 Entry Criteria are Level 5 or equivalent with Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL).



The Manager’s Toolkit – the main models used for business management, problem solving, strategy development and implementation.

Leadership Skills essential for successfully leading any organisation in today’s constantly changing competitive environment.

Information Technology (IT) in Business, including digital marketing, transformation, systems, e-commerce, AI and other technologies.

Managing and Using Finance and how accounting and finance guide business management and decision-making.

Managing and Using Marketing in business, including the marketing mix, internal and external marketing and marketing strategy.

Effective Communication skills including verbal and non-verbal communication, meetings, email and social media.

Developing High Performance Teams using personal and team building skills for top performance and satisfaction.

Managing Organisations including the structure, culture and management of organisations which influence performance.

Developing Personal Effectiveness skills needed to achieve greater success, both in business and in your personal life.

Quality and Excellence of products, services, companies, culture and processes, integrating leadership and management.

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