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Postgraduate Level 7-8 Strategic Business Management

Postgraduate Level 7-8 Strategic Business Management

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The External Environment of Business
Outside influences including Industrial, Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Legal & Ecological

Strategies for Growth
Powerful models for growth, tools and controls in planning and implementing strategies for growth

Strategic Planning Tools
Resources, models, tools, case studies and ideas to help create and implement effective business trategies.

Impact of Technology on Business
Analyse and capitalize on the role of technology, digital transformation and e-business n different sectors.

Business Planning
Creating a plan that targets and achieves the stated business vision, mission, objectives and strategies.

Managing Projects
Implementation of Strategies by getting things done. Using the right tools to plan and run effective projects.


Effective Leadership
Skills and Qualities in making, developing and maintaining of powerful strategic leadership.

Developing Interpersonal Skills
Developing skills to enhance communication, to create and maintain strong bonds & relationships with people.

Motivating and Influencing People
Inspiring people to invest their best efforts and create a unity of direction and common purpose within business.

Innovation and R&D
Creating competitive advantage through innovation, research and developmentapplied to your business

Creativity and Problem Solving
Do problems pose a threat or are they an opportunity to improve? How to turn a problem into an advantage.


Customers and their Needs
Ensuring that your customers are understood, recognized, valued and maintained.

Analysing the Competition
What are my competitors doing, how are they doing it, why are they doing it? Reviewing and analysing competitor actions to enhance managerial roles.

Marketing Strategy 
Creating an effective and successful market presence. Looking at the development of marketing strategies to create successful marketing campaigns.

High Performance Sales
Learners will grasp the key elements of successful selling to achieve exceptional results.

E-Marketing Communication
Understanding and using effective electronic media and messages to market.


Strategic Human Resource Management
Human Resource Management as a central part of the strategy of any organization, with people as its assets.

Recruiting and CPD
Getting the best people. Developing the best people. Keeping the best people.

Developing High Performance Teams
Cohesion and teamwork techniques and processes that enhance exceptional business performance.

Measuring and Rewarding Performance
Knowing and assessing how people are performing. Techniques for rewarding good performance


Interpreting Business Accounts
Using and understanding the litmus tests of business health, including ratio analysis & business intelligence

Tools of Financial Analysis
Resources, tools and techniques to keep a finger on the pulse of the business.

Managing Cash and Working Capital
Managing Cash, cash flow and working capital. The lifeblood of business.

Governance and Directorships
Guidelines and standards for structuring and controlling a business the professional way.


Management in Practice
Overview and evaluation of various management theories and models with real life business examples.

Strategic and Systems Management
Options for strategic direction and organizational alignment. Making the right choices for your business.

Implementing and Managing Quality Systems
Right first time, right every time. The place of quality in business strategy.

Making Decisions
Doing the right things in the right way at the right time. Processes and techniques for making good decisions.

Culture and Ethics
Cultural and ethical issues involved in business including accountability, cohesion and integrity.

STRATEGIC RESEARCH Practical Strategic Research Project on a real- life business organisation

Exercises in Quantitative Techniques
How to use and understand key figures particularly in Strategic Research and Financial Management.

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