National and Africa Growth Programme

June 2017 Midrand

The 2017 National and Africa Growth Programme (Natgrowth) aims to accelerate the achievement of our Priority Socio-Economic Goals in SA and Africa, including:

  • Inclusive Growth towards Target 5%+
  • Successful Business Development
  • Productive Job Creation on Scale
  • Global Expansion and Partnerships
  • Domestic and International Investment
  • Trade and Industrial Development
  • Real Broad-based BBEE and Transformation
  • Effective Leadership and Delivery

The programme focuses on innovative Strategies and Action Plans customised to your specific needs, in an exciting interactive process.

Please advise your interest in participating.

Best regards

Eric Stillerman CEO

Natgrowth Growth, Development and Investment Centre

London School of Business SA

011 326 6079 /011 403 5483

Grayston Mews 134 Grayston Drive Sandton