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Where will You be in 1 to 10 years time? Let us help you get there with World-Class ABE London Programs in Business, Management, Strategy, Leadership, Finance, Entrepreneurship, HR, Marketing, Info Systems and more…

What is Your Vision … for Yourself and those around you? What do You need to get you there? Let us help you get there with a powerful Vision and World-Class  ABE London Programs and Support to enable you to realise Your Dreams and meet your needs.    Association of Business Executives – ABE - London International  Management […]


Grow Your Business, Career and Wealth with a World-Class ABE London Program in South Africa in Business, Management, Strategy, Finance, Marketing, HR, Enterprise, Leadership and much more ++

Top Association of Business Executives (ABE) London International  Management Programmes, available on an affordable, flexible basis in South Africa, recognised by SAQA,  including: ABE  International “Mini-MBA” Diplomas Level 4-6 and Postgraduate Diploma in Business Management Level 7 leading to an MBA, including the following pathways : Business Management, Business Startup and Entrepreneurship, Financial Management, Management of Information Systems,  Human Resource Management, Marketing Management, Travel,  Tourism […]


Let’s Achieve Victory and Wealth for All with Win-Win Strategies, Leadership, Management and NDP in South Africa, Africa and the World

We Can Move Beyond Marikana to Celebrate Sustained Inclusive Growth and Shared Prosperity, with       Win-Win Strategies,  Programmes, Projects and Partnerships – Please watch this space and contact us to find out more Great – World-Class, Champions League Performance Growth - Beyond 10% + not our miserable current 2-3% Excellence in the National Development Plan Implementation Business Development – Making the Circle […]


Let’s Create Wealth for All with Great Growth, Business Development, Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Investment and Management Strategies, Programmes, Projects and Partnerships

We Can Make Wealth a Win-Win Game for All – not just the few - with Great – World-Class, Champions League – not settling for less Growth - Beyond New Horizons 10% + not our miserable current 2-3% Business Development – Making the Circle Bigger for Existing and New Enterprises, Markets, Products, Services, Models & Networks Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Investment and Management Strategies, Programmes, […]


Let’s Drive Dynamic Growth Together in SA, Africa and Globally in All Sectors with World-Class Strategies, Leadership, Business Development and Management

Growth is the only game in town – to get the State of the Nation on track.  Making Growth Happen has a number of requirements, beyond bickering about the past, such as: Driving the Dynamic Jet-Engines of Growth – Jointly and Together towards Win-Win Prosperity for all Parties.  Making the Circle Bigger - broadening the economy across all Sectors of SA and beyond into huge African and […]


The platinum strike can be solved with win-win breakthrough strategies and bold leadership now

We can bring the Platinum Mining Companies, AMCU, Government and all parties together with acceptable solutions and benefits for all. The solution to the Platinum Strike  includes affordable wages, decent housing and community facilities for all workers. The benefits  include renewed global growth and profitable and sustainable livelihoods for all associated with the mining industry. We at london School and […]


Let’s Solve the Platinum Strike Properly Now with Breakthrough Strategies, Bold Leadership and True Transformation for All Parties

The Platinum Strike drags on agonisingly, as Minister of Mines Ramahlodi pulls out of the negotiation process, the Labour Court intervention is in stalemate and the parties have dug themselves ever deeper into a seemingly bottomless pit.  A way out of this quagmire has now become absolutely critical for all parties and the whole country – veering towards recession, international downgrades, despair and […]


Drive Growth at Board Level with World-Class Strategies, ABE Business Management Diplomas and London Degrees in South Africa

Growth in today’s requires Board-level Leadership, Global Business Strategies and World-Class Management Expertise. You can Drive Growth and Lead from the Top with ABE International Diplomas and London Degrees in South Africa, recognised internationally and by SAQA, including ABE Diplomas and Postgraduate Diploma in Business Management, Business Startup and Entrepreneurship, Financial Management, Management of Information Systems,  Human Resource Management, Marketing Management, Travel and […]

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