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An Awesome Happy Successful and Prosperous New Year to One and All

Let’s make it all happen in 2014! From all at London School SA


Let’s Give it a Full Go in 2014 – Driving World-Class Strategies and Programmes for Growth and Prosperity with Inspired Leadership

Let’s take it beyond a New Years Resolution to Practical Action See our Prospectus for our Internationally recognised Programmes from Entry Level to Top Executive Level    Contact us now for a FREE Professional Consultation on Your Business and Career Development  Goals and Opportunities. Tel (Int 27 11) (011) 403 3799 /  5483;    Developing World-Class Leaders for Broad-based Growth and […]


Get the Gift of a Great Year – for Yourself, Your Family and Friends!

Register Now for a FREE Introductory Consultation on How to Make 2014 a Great Year which will Change Your Life for the Better,  including Expert Professional Business and Career Development Advice, Strategies, Skills, Career Options and Action Plans    Potential Business and Job Opportunities based on different Business and Career Plans and Pathways – from Entry to Top Level, […]


Everyone wants the gift of a good year. Do you want to know how to make #2014 into a Great Year? Vote: Yes or Like

You Can make 2014 a Great Year - for yourself and those around you With Great Strategies, Knowledge, Skills and  Actions    Let us help you Master these Secrets at London School Register now for FREE advice on how you can make 2014 a Great Year See the Registration Form link on our Home page and Return it […]


Have fun and enjoy the festive season – to an exciting and successful 2014!

Keep in touch as you chill out Tel 27 11 403 3799 / 5483


Our Future is in Your Hands #SA #SouthAfrica #NUMSA #education #Matric2013 @VarsitySA @SABCEducation @Lead_SA @_cosatu @MyANC_ @The_New_Age

Our Future is about … You and Us  – Ubuntu Madiba’s Legacy – The Long Walk to Freedom – Together Collective Responsibility – Not Self-interest World-Class Education – At All Levels For You and Yours, All South Africans and All Africans Please contact us to discuss how we can help You and Yours towards a Great […]


Let’s Lead the Way to Prosperity with a World-Class Education for All

As we relax over the Festive Season,  let’s get ready for a year of excitement and progress on the road to success  Let’s take action with the greatest Gift of all- a world-class education  for ourselves, family, friends and associates. Please see our Prospectus and Registration Form on the Home Page for more information on our internationally recognised programmes. Contact […]


#Education was the Fountain of #Madiba’s #Freedom and of his #Legacy to the #Youth, the Nation and the World

Madiba gained his knowledge, wisdom, understanding, leadership skills, confidence, networks, power and much more from the Fountain of Education – from Qunu to the Universities of SA, Wits and London – even while confined to a tiny cell on Robben Island! How much more can we achieve with the continually flowing Fountain of Education in the footsteps of his Legacy towards Social and […]


Let’s Step Up to the Challenge of #Madiba’s Legacy with World-class Strategies for Broad-based Growth, Leadership, Development and Prosperity for All

Madiba’s Legacy of Courageous, Principled, Selfless Leadership and Collective Struggle for Political Freedom, Democracy, Peace, Reconciliation, Diversity and Equality is All of Ours and the World’s to Celebrate, Share, Spread and Protect for generations to come.    The Challenge of Madiba’s Legacy is to Build on this Foundation towards Broad-based Inclusive Social and Economic Growth, Development and Prosperity for All. This is No Easy Challenge – requiring Nothing Less than […]


Do we have the ability and will to follow in #Madiba’s footsteps on the long walk to freedom and prosperity for all?

What does it take? … Leadership? Education? Commitment? Integrity?  …. Do our leaders or any of us have these qualities?… Can we develop these qualities? … In ourselves…. In our families… In our organisations….   In our country and beyond… Yes We Can! (With acknowledgement to President Barack Obama) London School SA is committed to Developing World-Class Leaders for Broad-based […]

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