London School SA is an independent educational organisation established in 1993, providing tuition towards international Degrees and Diplomas awarded by the University of London, the Association of Business Executives (ABE), UK and other examining bodies.

The Qualifications are accredited in the UK and are recognised by SAQA in South Africa. Students Register with London School for Tuition and with the University, ABE or other bodies for Examinations, for which separate external fees are payable. Exams are written at London School SA, at the British Council or at other centres around the world.

London School SA has enrolled over 3 800 students since inception from a wide variety of countries and organisations, including members of government, business and individuals from South Africa, Africa, Asia, Europe and the Americas.

London School SA focuses on developing its students to their full potential for growth and development in South Africa and internationally, and offers the following distinct benefits and advantages:

  • Top Internationally Recognised Qualifications, also recognised by SAQA in SA
  • Affordable Fees, Continuous Enrolment, Flexible Modular Courses
  • Personal Attention in Small Groups
  • Practical Business, Career and Personal Development Advice, Skills and Support
  • Opportunities for Business Development, Career Advancement and Self-employment
  • Qualified, Experienced and Dedicated Lecturers
  • Flexible Access and Entry Levels from Open Entry to Post-graduate level
  • Full-Time, Part-Time, Flexi-Study (supported distance learning), Seminars and In-house Programmes
  • Convenient location near to accommodation, shops and facilities
  • International exchange, business and career opportunities