The time has arrived to Go for Growth with Great Confidence and Leadership –out of our sorry state of capture with minimal growth, ballooning debt, poor governance, policy uncertainty and imminent downgrades.

Government, Business, Labour and Rating Agencies would agree on the key missing ingredients for a Turnaround to avoid another downgrade:

  • Get Growth Going – with increasing Global Growth and Commodity Prices
  • Great Confidence – with Growing Global, African and Domestic Demand
  • Great Leadership – with Drive for Growth and Good Governance

These key ingredients naturally involve stepping up to our other challenges, including

  • Good Governance to stop State Capture and reach Certainty in key sectors
  • Good Financial Management to stop ballooning Deficits and Debt
  • Good Management of all key sectors and institutions

There are those who believe that 3% Growth is achievable in the short term with a boost in Confidence.

With the buoyant trend in Global Markets, the NDP target of 5% Growth should be in reach in the medium term.

Let’s step up and make Growth happen!

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