Let’s Get a Global #Growth Program Going Big Time in SA, Africa and Beyond, with Great Strategies, Bold Leadership, World-Class Management and Effective Implementation

Let’s Get a Global #Growth Program Going Big Time in SA, Africa and Beyond, with Great Strategies, Bold Leadership, World-Class Management and Effective Implementation

Let’s Boost Global Growth by mobilizing all interested people, businesses, governments and other organisations  world-wide to Grow their own enterprises, departments, existing and new initiatives  in a viral synergistic process.

Please let us know your interest in the Global Growth Program at admin@londonschool.co.za;  or Tel 011 403 5483 / 3799

Join us at our New Campus in Grayston Drive, Sandton in November for one of our upcoming programs:

Strategies for Growth, Business Development, Investment and Finance  

Breakthrough the Barriers to Growth in Business and Your Career

Strategic Finance for Growth, Profitability and Wealth Creation

From Basics to Boardroom – From Zero to Hero

This post builds on the post of 23/10/2014 below:

Let’s Get Out of #Budget Deficits, Debt and Depression by Growing our Businesses and the Economy on a Grand Scale.

So How do we Grow, when all around are in Doom and Gloom?

You can read this Post, do our Growth Strategy Program, Get together to arrange a customized In-House Program and Services, or other creative ways of boosting Growth.

Some of the Meat on the Bone to Braai and Chow for Breakfast, Lunch and Supper to Stimulate Big Growth – you may have heard these before – are you actually doing them?

  • Growing in Africa = Growing South Africa – let’s get out of our closed kraal mentality and capture the pulsating spirit of Growth in Africa – pumping big time right now!!!
  • Growing Globally = Growing South Africa – the top Companies on the JSE are almost all Global  – why wouldn’t you want to be Global too?
  • Implementing Infrastructure Projects Properly with Practical Private and Public Sector Participation, including Energy, Transport, Telecoms, Water, Schools, Clinics, Housing, Turning Townships into Cities in all regions
  • Technology Growth  around Broadband, Internet, Mobile, E-Commerce, Financial Services
  • Trade and Investment in All Sectors All Around the Globe
  • Bold Leadership, Confidence, Entrepreneurship and Innovation as a Culture to replace Corruption and Entitlement
  • World-Class Management, Education, Training and Development Programs to Meet the Needs at all Levels

The Association of Business Executives

International Diplomas, Graduate and Postgraduate Diplomas

Recognised by SAQA, leading to MBA

Pathways include:

Business Management, Financial Management, Management of Information Systems,  Human Resource Management, Marketing Management, Travel Tourism and Hospitality Management, Business Start-up and Entrepreneurship


Degrees and Diplomas for Graduates

led by LSE: London School of Economics

Accounting and Finance, Banking and Finance, Business, Management,

Development, Economics, International Relations, Law, Politics, Sociology


GCE and GCSE O and A Levels for International University Entrance


Accessible and Affordable

Personalised Support

Full-time, Part-time, Flexi-Study and In-House

Continuing Registration Open

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